Selling a property in Andalusia.

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You maybe are looking for an upgrade, a smaller property or you maybe chose to leave Andalucia and move elsewhere. When you make the decision selling your property in Andalucia it is important to understand the process and the costs.

Recommended to use a legal advisor to review contracts and guide you in formalities needed to sell.

Selling processes

As owner you can chose to sell your property yourself. There are many websites where you can advertise your house for free.

However as real estate agent we will assist you in the process. We qualify the clients, organize viewings and answer all the questions potential buyers have.

Promoting and advertising your property on international websites and social media, collaborate with other real estate agents on professional portals and bring your property under the attention of our own international client database; only a few aspects of what we do for you.

We will help you set an affordable price and guide you through a successful selling process.

Costs of selling a property

When selling a property in Andalucia you need to calculate the costs and taxes. We can arrange a free consultation to look into your personal circumstances.

  • Fees Real Estate Agency : depending on exclusivity and sharing the margins are between 4 and 7%
  • Municipal Capital Gains Tax. this is calculated on the basis of the cadastral value and on how long the owner had the property
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Costs for cancellation mortgage
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC)

Documents needed

The following documents are required to start the process of selling your property. To advertise, for example, your house in a window of a real estate agency the Energy Efficiency Certificate is obliged.

  • Passport owners
  • Title Deed
  • Cadastral Certificate
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC)
  • Spanish Income Tax declaration
  • Local tax (IBI) receipt
  • utility bills

If you would like to be contacted about selling your property in Andalucia Spain and how we can help you please send us a message.

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