Casa Rural – Bed & Breakfast in Malaga.

Have you been dreaming of living and working under the Spanish sun? You might be considering to start a Bed & Breakfast in Malaga region. Or as the Spanish say a ¨casa rural¨. What you need to open a Bed & breakfast Andalucia is the 2nd populair Spanish area for running a B&B . In the area we operate we find rural properties as fincas and cortijos that are being reformed to a Casa...

Selling a property in Andalucia.

You maybe are looking for an upgrade,  a smaller property or you maybe chose to leave Andalucia and move elsewhere.  When you made the decision selling your property in Andalucia it is important to understand the process and the costs. Recommended to use a legal advisor to review contracts and guide you in formalities needed to sell. Selling proces As owner you can chose to sell your property...

Areaguide Guadalhorce Malaga

Finding out where in Spain you would like to buy a property is by far the most important step. Spain is very large and has several autonomous communities. Andalusia is one of them.  Malaga is one of the eight Spanish provinces that form Andalusia. We operate as real estate agent mainly in the valley of Guadalhorce.  With this areaguide we hope to inform you more about this region in Southern...

Buying a property in Andalucia Spain

You maybe have been dreaming of your own place under the sun, owning a holiday home in Spain or a wish to live permanently in Andalucia. When you start looking for a property on the internet you will find many properties for sale. First you need to find out where in Spain you would like to buy, do your research about climate, accessibility to transport, the kind of houses you like and the real estate...

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