Casa Rural – Bed & Breakfast in Malaga.

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Have you been dreaming of living and working under the Spanish sun? You might be considering to start a Bed & Breakfast in Malaga region. Or as the Spanish say a ¨casa rural¨.

What you need to open a Bed & breakfast

Andalucia is the 2nd populair Spanish area for running a B&B . In the area we operate we find rural properties as fincas and cortijos that are being reformed to a Casa Rural.

You can decide to take over an existing an running B&B or to start one yourselves. A B&B has normally between 4 -11 rooms and serves breakfast.

When you buy a property to use as an Bed & Breakfast it is important to know the following:

It is necessary to ask for an AFO (Asimilado Fuera de Ordenacion) when it comes to a VTAR rental licence (vivienda rural) or an opening licence for a Casa Rural or B&B.

It is permitted to build with the aim of opening a rural or rustic accommodation or B&B, but this project must first be approved by the Junta de Andalucia. It is quite difficult to get this permission and the procedure takes a long time.

You can chose to take over a running B&B or you start yourself one but we would always advise to use the services of a lawyer.

There are websites that give you an idea of what you can ask for a casa rural.

Tourist License

When you want to rent out an apartment or some rooms but you do not want to run a bed and breakfast business you can chose to apply for a Tourist License.  If you do not have a professional kitchen and not intend to offer any services except accommodation then a Tourist license is more then enough. It is not very difficult to obtain a license a gestor, lawyer or you real estate agent can help you with it.

The general rule in Spain is that VAT is not applied to holiday rental homes. But as soon you offer services as Bed & Breakfast, concierge, roomservice, daily cleaning etc it is being seen as a hotel accomodation and you need to invoice VAT.

We have various properties suitable to run as a Bed and Breakfast or already succesfully operating as one. Properties with a guest apartment or  a 2nd house for holiday rentals.

If you would like to be contacted about suitable Bed & Breakfast properties in Malaga  and how we can help you please sent us a message.

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